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February 24 @ 5:00 PM - 5:30 PM JST







2022年02月24日(木曜日)  17:00~17:30

1) アンケート結果発表
2) 海外待機者インタビュー
3) 質疑等

広報責任者/新宿日本語学校  37歳

・Davide Rossi (ダビデ・ロッシ)
起業家/コロナ禍の日本留学の扉を開く会代表 39歳
Twitter: @rossi_davide

・Carol Delfino(キャロル・デルフィーノ)
留学待機生、ブラジル 2020年4月から留学する予定 29歳

・Ellis Warner(エリス・ウォレン)
ビジネスマン、英国 2020年4月から入国する予定 27歳
Twitter: @ellisjwarren

Subject: Press Conference (Urgent): “Impact of the border measures on Professions/Businesses” Announcement of Survey Results

We will be holding a press conference calling for further relaxation of the Japanese border measures for international students and other categories.
The press conference will be held on Thursday, February 24th, from 5:00 p.m. Japan Standard Time on Zoom.

As you may know, after two years of suspension, Prime Minister Kishida announced the other day that restrictions on entry into Japan would be eased for newcomers, including foreign students and workers. While we are pleased that the border measures have been eased, the quota of 5,000 per day includes Japanese tourists and businessmen who will re-enter Japan (we expect many of them to do so, since the quarantine has been reduced). All 150,000 foreign students on the waiting list will still need a considerable amount of time before they can all enter Japan. In addition, specific entry procedures have not been announced yet, and we are concerned that many students will not be able to enter Japan before the new semester starts in April.

The road to the actual entry of all those on the waiting list is still steep, and we feel it is necessary to continue communicating the situation.

We will hold an emergency press conference to announce the results of a questionnaire survey on “the impact of the border measures on Profession/Business” conducted not only among international students but also among faculty members of Japanese language schools, student dormitories, part-time job sites, and other surrounding industries.

We are also planning to directly ask the opinions about the current border measures to overseas students and workers who cannot enter Japan.

日本留学の扉を開く会 (https://educationisnottourism.com/)


February 24
5:00 PM - 5:30 PM JST
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